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A mention appliances for labor protection, most people will think of working clothes, gloves, towel, mask, blue cloth laboratory coat... However, into appliances for labor protection supplies company in xian city, the things inside and these inherent symbols not far removed, some working clothes, shoes style fashion, inside not by the lowdown on equipment many instruments, check mark, is many high-tech content--30 years of reform and opening-up, the change of the appliances for labor protection and labor insurance supplies operator's bittersweet stories, a string of!

Labor protection of "corners has been" with the change

Xian appliances for labor protection supplies company was founded in the 1960 s. Although five northwestern provinces is leading, but the scale of theory, theory management breed, 1965 years old ShiShun employees working in 1978 and this situation, but by using the "quite poor" to describe. At that time, the company two outlets a warehouse, a total of more than 200 square meters, personnel also but of more than 30 people. Run by the product though from head to foot, but varieties is single, helmets, yellow rubber boots, gloves, gauze mask, blue white dichromatic LaoDongFu...... Now, respiratory protection, TouLian eye ear protection, the body protection, fall protection and other originators, product not only high scientific and technological content, and humanized design, fashionable style! With shoes, for example, the only two kinds of shoes before: yellow rubber shoes, boots; Now, than more than species. The electricity, waterproof, antivirus, prevent pressure, anticorrosive, etc, and various style, and some models and popular sports shoes, boots can rival.

Mention the labor protection supplies now, job 1986 company incumbent deputy general manager HuYuLong very regrets. He said, that moment, a gauze mask the function is great, cold dustproof, wash again use, with the wash again, many high dust from the homework pathogenic, now, mask varied, function also is very ready, dustproof, antivirus, everything, and has a high science and technology content, called the security barrier for no such thing, many or disposable, we can imagine how poor material before!

Speaking appliances for labor protection, a middle-aged zhang to reporters about a story: in 1978, most of the item above is supply, people almost no hands have deposit, material variety also is very limited, and is doing suit also but limited several, say so, that moment, a fit LaoDongBu blue overalls is the most handsome dress. In 1979, as a farmer's he was lucky to have got work in a factory given by the brother of a uniform, young, handsome he put on that extraordinary work clothes, quickly became the white horse prince of surrounding girl in the heart, and thus found the right object. He said that because the robe, in that many people still in homespun clothes do the era, but he "earn" love! Later, material is rich, the factory work clothes in people's eyes also more and more "soil". But while 30 years, children have to go to work, looking at the so-called children now work clothes, he has some not too believe, because now work clothes is the fashion! Her daughter in a car sales company work, summer shirt, blue skirt powder; During the spring and autumn a blue suit; Also comes with leather shoes, ma3 jia3, suit a handkerchief, tie accessories, "air and spirit". Is this, her daughter still a change after work, said his walk in the street the tooling "a disgrace".

Company general manager is people summer-autumn cultivation recalled the situation, he said that moment, although item types is limited, but is still in a state of supply. The company in the streets, tractors, carriage, JiaZiChe on exchanges, can use "pedestrians" to describe it. When all the material supply system, all required unit to purchase, have to have "ticket", not "ticket", is what all can't buy.

Labour protection operator's "comfort to competition from" the change

ShiShun into recalled the life, used a word "sit shop guest". He said, that moment, company staff mostly do not have a high level of culture, it is more vendors and family by reorganize of women, but the level of the work has more than enough to cope with. That moment, appliances for labor protection special operation to xian xian, that a, all to store personnel, it is the name of the unit to take goods distribution, and as long as the issue "supply" vote, according to the rules, to supply unified price accept money, work even if done. You go to work early 8 points, at 6 o 'clock in the evening off work, rest on Sunday, January till the end, salary, bonus and get to hand. That moment, everybody's wages from top to bottom, the differences were small, and other industries, compared to the type of work of the leisure is rich. So, when the situation for a labor protection supplies shop worker speaking, life is quite happy.

Market in 1984 after let go, xi an individual business the appliances for labor protection have mushroomed, 400, at 500. That moment, the market is disordered, labor protection supplies store personnel awkward situation: the same goods, from soho purchased, the price can speak, kickbacks can public talk, but labor protection supplies store personnel do not, the price is unified, business personnel not the right to let a profit-sharing, let alone kickbacks; Daily appliances for labor protection department stores have countless individual businesses employing the person to pull tourists, some even goes into the store's internal, in front of the assistant's surface to pull the guest, bargain, promise kickbacks...... A steamed bread used to be a people to eat, then is hundreds of people to rob, hard times!

Labor insurance company and all old state-owned enterprise, experienced pain, and have had a long time lost, "stepping stones across the river" is their most real experience at the beginning of the reform. Now, the company finally went out of whack, with their business philosophy and original location. Now, they go in a brand strategies, in the employing system, completely liberalized and invigorating, everyone entirely with performance to speak. According to the company's managers say, now, some people have completed the task all year! Pressure big, power is big also, some salesman yearly salary of nearly 100000 yuan, this, of course, is many old employees to work hard for to make to digital.

Labor protection of the user "welfare to health" of change

Competition is still furious, but appliances for labor protection management xian general manager of the company is confident people but summer-autumn cultivation, he said, we are chaoyang enterprise, life infinite. Because with the development of the society, a line of enterprise management idea and total changes have occurred, the thought state was elevated to an unprecedented height, recognizing people absolutely is the first productive force, only ensure employees' health, safety, enterprise have strong vitality. So, labor insurance supplies are now on a "send health, send safety" way.

Previously, the company issued all kinds of labor protection supplies, the starting point has a "reasonable price", of course, this measure is not good grasp. Some buyers, not only with the maximization of profit, also can consider personal kickbacks maximization, and stores, nature is not doing the buying and selling at a loss, so, a line of hard to guarantee safety workers. This situation to still have? The vice general manager HuYuLong think: individual small businesses still exists, but the group has not exist. He said the large groups, purchasing personnel quality high, they really is in line with company employees for health, safety and Angle to choose goods, no one will for a little interest to damage the interests of most people and personal reputation, future. The company currently agency many domestic and international famous brands, a sale is in a straight line. After all, the surplus countries, life to the greatest degree of respect, the most important is that the market more and more formal! The people said summer-autumn cultivation, now, the production of the appliances for labor protection company product quality also has a very strict control of, regular business products is definitely strict requirements of production, protection. The market competition and balance is the biggest rules. Every year, China textile business association held every year two safety and health protection products international seminars, for countries to protective equipment seriously.

There are some of the speaking bad present situation, the people in summer-autumn cultivation a planning: at present, the xian city also should have a Labour protection products industry association. For a organization's operating, secondly the self-discipline. He said, recently a relief supplies of cotton in "dirty" scandal is an example, exposed the individual protective equipment operators many problems. For example, there is fluky psychology, a hammer business etc parochialism. If there is such a group, the merchant to management constraints, this event is not going to happen.

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