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A few days ago, Shanxi Province FanShiXian qualitative inspect administrative departments for industry and commerce, within the jurisdiction of the merchants of appliances for labor protection all business enterprise warehouse and the labor protection warehouse had a special inspection, found a lot of problems, especially some chemical industry, building materials enterprise of labor insurance supplies stores, some expired or even scrap working clothes, shoes and hats, masks and gloves were discarded, no unified shall handle the registration, and some even also continue to recipients. Workers use outdated appliances for labor protection, for the safety of the staff left hidden trouble.

Labor protection supplies is different from the other clothing and tools, its quality has very strict rules, and expired or scrap labor protection supplies, not only failed to protect, it still can make the enterprise or the worker produces fluky psychology, and to think that you have to do the labor protection, and the result of accidents.

The author thought, enterprise warehouse there is overdue, scrap and no timely treatment appliances for labor protection, mainly because purchase not science, is obviously chemical enterprise's protective clothing, but buy back the building enterprise's protective clothing; In the purchase supplies labor insurance, do not pay attention to production date and expiration, pursue cheap, results since the beginning, even buy back is quality is bad the labor protection supplies. Next is the management is not standard, some small and medium-sized enterprise and private enterprise, buy to return to a warehouse after appliances for labor protection to put, the slip, and bring the finished, shall register not, don't check production date and expiration, don't check whether expired, does not have a set of scientific registration decommission system. Another is check is not complete, now to the enterprise in the warehouse check appliances for labor protection is not much, so appliances for labor protection safety inspection by the warehouse became the corner that is forgotten.

Therefore, whether business or enterprise or all of the loading and unloading supplies labor insurance shall set up strict inspection registration system, clear in time expired appliances for labor protection, and resolutely put an end to the flow into the worker obtaining and using link, and as industry and commerce, qualitative inspect departments should be increased to labor insurance supplies of check, make appliances for labor protection really realize a scientific and standardized production and marketing and recipients.

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