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Important professional exhibitions as labor protection and safety supplies in the area of South China, "2012 The 5th China (Guangzhou) labor protection and safety products Fair since its inception in 2008, has been keeping up the pace of the field of labor and security at home and abroad, accumulated 3M, Francis Bell, Kawasaki, Japan, Bacou, New Asian energy more than 1,000 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, as well as a number of people in the industry participation, and the strong support of labor protection and security sector, as well as the relevant functional departments, industry associations, a good exchange and cooperation platform for the industry.

2012 the fifth labor protection and safety supplies Fair homeopathic moved to Guangzhou Pazhou Poly Exhibition Hall for the development of the industry needs and to meet further demand for more businesses, held additional production safety equipment and emergency rescue technology exhibition theme. Compared with the previous, the fair bigger brand more exhibitors, professional and more targeted, it will be labor and protection of industries and enterprises to provide a brand promotion, to demonstrate the cooperation and exchange of image and distribution platform and marketing approach. to create Terminal Services preferred. In that time, will attract more than 300 foreign brands from more than 20 countries and regions, bringing state-of-the-art labor and security of supplies and technical, the total size of the exhibition area of over 12,000 m2, a 40 percent increase over the previous above , bringing together nearly a thousand products. It is worth mentioning is that after several years of careful cultivation, the organizing committee has accumulated audience of more than 60,000 in construction, electricity, mining, roads, energy, railway, petroleum, medical, chemical, metallurgical and other industry professionals and nearly 5,000 number of dealers and agents data show supporting activities "2012 South China Labor dealer to meet Fair" area will become a major highlight of the Labor Insurance Fair.In addition, this exhibition continue to use the combination in the form of exhibitions and forums at the same time provide brand promotion and business value, lost to a professional forum platform, bringing exhibitors production and research and marketing model, many forums and seminars for the the advanced manufacturing industry dedicated solution.

Development of advanced technologies, focus on industry hot spot, and let us work together to meet in December in Guangzhou, together 2012 The 5th China (Guangzhou) labor protection and safety protective equipment Fair.  Finally, I wish the conference a complete success, I hope the distinguished guests and exhibitors in this exhibition make friends, develop win-win! For more information, please call 020-85641293 advice or visit the official website of the General Assembly

The exhibition

Personal protective equipment: a variety of protective clothing, safety shoes, work gloves, eye and face protection, head protection, respiratory protective equipment, auditory organ protective equipment, hand and foot protective equipment, body protective equipment, washing, cold, cooling products, special occupational protective clothing, radiation protection products, fall protection products

Safety testing instruments and equipment: radiation and microwave, static, noise, dust, toxins and other types of monitoring instruments, corporate and central monitoring equipment to detect warning device, traffic safety equipment, miners safety equipment, petroleum workers, safety equipment, machinery safety production of protective equipment, construction safety equipment, electrical safety and protective equipment, safety testing and monitoring equipment, emergency rescue equipment, fire fighting equipment

Protective clothing and fabrics: clothes fabrics, protective underwear, individual protection and use of fabrics, medical and hospital fabric, cleanroom fabrics, special purpose fabric

Production environment protection facilities: hazardous products of anti-static, dust, toxic purification products, fire explosion-proof products, cut-resistant, touch, hit products, anti corrosion products to discourage anti-burning product, noise hazards products, construction job safety device personal safety equipment, aerial work, protective equipment and other safety devices

Security material: polycarbonate, Kevlar fiber, organic aromatic polyamide fiber, ultra-high strength Polyethylene material

Industrial production safety science and technology seminars, consulting, training and promotional agencies, the Occupational Safety and Health intermediaries and certification, the media.

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